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An AI-based visual research tool

The INTERGATOR Smart Map is a graphical representation of terms in a grouped topic context. Term categories are visually represented and an explorative search is made possible. For the user, conceptual contexts become clearer and the focus of the targeted search can be shifted or new foci can be selected. The search results calculated by INTERGATOR SMART SEARCH's artificial intelligence (AI) become easier to understand and manipulate thanks to the graphical representation.

INTERGATOR SMART SEARCH's artificial intelligence relates each piece of information within a data set to the data set, creating a thematic clustering of generic terms. In the center of the display are the search terms used and, in close proximity, their similarly relevant terms. This makes connections clearer and the work of the artificial intelligence more comprehensible. So if I want to further narrow my exploratory search thematically, the terms within the Smart Map help me sharpen the conceptual focus. The ordered words can be added to the existing search, further refining the search, or serve as a starting point for an entirely new search.

The Smart Map proves to be an alternative search approach, especially for complex and widely scattered data. Unlike the traditional listing of search hits, the graphical interface visualizes the search topic and provides insight into how artificial intelligence locates data during document evaluation. This approach is unique to date and is designed to help users better understand both their search and the resulting hits.

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Patent Search can be operated either on-premise, in the cloud or as SaaS. For each variant, we offer attractive conditions and powerful hosting environments.

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