INTERGATOR Patent Search Novelty Search

Patent novelty search is a crucial step in the patent application process. Its purpose is to verify the novelty of an invention and ensure it has not been previously published or patented. This search is essential for assessing the patentability of an invention and avoiding potential infringements of existing patents. During a novelty search, various databases and sources are queried to identify relevant documents and publications describing the invention or similar technologies. A thorough novelty search is indispensable for making informed decisions about the patentability of an invention and mitigating the risk of legal disputes.

INTERGATOR Patent Search offers a user-friendly assistant specifically designed for novelty searches. This assistant guides the user through the process in two simple steps to identify key parameters and generate a complex search query.

In the first step, we enter a descriptive text that details the invention. This text serves as the foundation for further analysis and research. In the second step, the core concepts are extracted from this text. The user can review and, if necessary, adjust these core concepts to ensure that all relevant aspects of the invention are taken into account.

These two steps enable the assistant to conduct a precise and comprehensive novelty search, ensuring that the invention is indeed novel and does not infringe upon existing patents or publications.

Novelty Search: An Example

On the Patent Search, we select the novelty search assistant, which guides us through the entire process.

In the first step, we input a text that describes our invention in detail. For example, we envision a double-walled cannula made from a nanomaterial that largely prevents adhesion and thus maintains relative sterility.

Invention Text

The present invention relates to an innovative double-walled infusion needle made from a specially developed nanomaterial. This needle is distinguished by its exceptional resistance to adhesion, ensuring high sterility and significantly reduced infection risk in medical applications.

The nanomaterial used is based on a combination of graphene oxide and silver nanoparticles. Graphene oxide provides excellent mechanical strength and flexibility, while the silver nanoparticles contribute additional sterility due to their natural antimicrobial properties. The chemical composition of the nanomaterial includes a network of graphene oxide doped with silver nanoparticles through an electrochemical process. This process ensures even distribution of the silver nanoparticles within the graphene structure, maximizing adhesion resistance and antimicrobial properties.

The double-walled structure of the infusion needle enhances safety and stability. The outer wall is composed of the described nanomaterial, while the inner wall is made of a flexible polymer that supports the mechanical integrity of the needle. This dual-wall structure allows the needle to conform to the vein wall, minimizing the risk of injury.

By entering this description into the novelty search assistant, we can ensure that all relevant information is captured and considered.

The assistant then extracts the core concepts from the entered text and provides us with a precise and comprehensive search query to verify the novelty of our invention.

INTERGATOR Patent Search now searches for relevant patents. Each concept from the description is treated as a separate filtering element, which is automatically enhanced by similar terms. This semantic expansion ensures that all relevant documents and publications are captured.

Additionally, the concepts can be edited, deleted, or temporarily disabled to further refine the search query and ensure precise results.

INTERGATOR Patent Search also offers various additional filtering options to quickly narrow down to essential patents. For instance, the status of patents can be further restricted to display only granted or pending patents. These additional filter options make it easier to efficiently identify relevant patents and optimize the novelty search.

The search results can now be more thoroughly reviewed using the integrated patent preview. This preview allows users to quickly grasp key information and details of a patent without needing to review the entire document. This enables users to efficiently assess which patents are particularly relevant for further analysis and evaluation.


INTERGATOR Patent Search provides a structured and efficient method for conducting novelty searches, delivering comprehensive and precise results. By entering a detailed description of the invention and automatically expanding core concepts, the search process is significantly simplified and optimized. Additional filtering options and the ability to flexibly adjust search queries ensure all relevant documents can be captured and analyzed. The integrated patent preview allows search results to be quickly and accurately reviewed, facilitating decision-making. INTERGATOR thus serves as an indispensable tool for anyone involved in patent activities seeking reliable verification of their inventions’ novelty.