Monitoring Assistant

The monitoring research in the field of intellectual property is essential for companies and research institutions that aim to stay abreast of the latest technology developments. It allows tracking changes in patent applications and publications to be informed early about potential threats or opportunities. Regular monitoring strengthens companies’ competitive positions, drives innovation, and minimizes risks. INTERGATOR Patent Search offers a powerful solution enabling users to efficiently and accurately identify and analyze relevant information.

The integrated monitoring research assistant

The integrated monitoring research assistant of INTERGATOR Patent Search efficiently gathers relevant information and constructs complex search queries. Leveraging semantic search technologies and artificial intelligence, INTERGATOR employs advanced algorithms to precisely interpret search queries and deliver targeted results that meet the requirements of patent research.

Start the monitoring research assistant from the homepage. A guided assistant will support you step-by-step in entering the relevant information.

INTERGATOR Patent Search Novelty Search

Begin your research by entering a valid publication number. INTERGATOR automatically verifies whether it is a valid patent document to ensure the search is based on relevant and accurate data.

In the next step, you can set the interval for the monitoring search – weekly or monthly. This setting allows you to specifically monitor new developments and publications in your field of expertise.

INTERGATOR automatically extracts key concepts from the patent document and enhances the search query by incorporating related terms and synonyms.

Technology domains for enhanced monitoring research

Finally, INTERGATOR offers technology domains for selection. This categorization helps you focus your search on specific technological areas such as biotechnology, information technology, or mechanical engineering, optimizing relevant results.

INTERGATOR Patent Search creates a complex search query based on the entered parameters with predefined filters specifically configured for monitoring research. These filters are highly flexible and can be edited by users as needed to further adjust and refine the search. In this way, INTERGATOR enables companies to conduct tailored monitoring research that precisely meets their specific requirements and goals. Customizing the search query ensures that all relevant information can be retrieved and potential legal risks can be carefully analyzed before business decisions are made.

INTERGATOR Patent Search employs advanced semantic analysis techniques to automatically expand extracted concepts with related terms and synonyms. This maximizes the relevance of search results. These advanced methods ensure comprehensive monitoring research, enabling identification of potentially relevant patents or intellectual property rights that may not have been captured by the original search query.


INTERGATOR Patent Search provides a comprehensive solution for enterprises and research institutions requiring continuous monitoring of the patent landscape. The integrated Surveillance Research Assistant simplifies the initiation of searches, while advanced semantic analysis techniques ensure comprehensive identification of relevant patents and intellectual property rights. By customizing the search query, users can ensure they retrieve all pertinent information and thoroughly analyze potential legal risks before making critical business decisions.