In the past, patent searches were often tedious and time-consuming as they required in-depth knowledge of Boolean searches and specific subject areas. However, the introduction of artificial intelligence has enabled a paradigm shift. With similarity search, searches can now be performed with just a few terms, paragraphs or entire documents.

INTERGATOR Patent Search revolutionizes this process by combining lexical full-text search with semantic search in a user-friendly interface. This allows users to find relevant patents quickly and efficiently without having to formulate complex search queries.


Experience the future of patent searching – discover how our AI technology can help you find relevant patents faster and more accurately than ever before.

AI based Search

With INTERGATOR Patent Search, you no longer have to choose between a semantic or keyword-based search. Our platform combines both approaches in a single, powerful query. The AI-based semantic search understands the context and meaning of your search queries, while the keyword-based search delivers precise results based on specific terms. This enables a more comprehensive and relevant patent search, as both contextual relationships and specific keywords are taken into account. Whether you are searching individual terms, paragraphs or entire documents, INTERGATOR gives you the flexibility and accuracy you need for an effective patent search.


Our solution makes cross-language patent searches child’s play. Regardless of the language in which you enter your search query, our platform delivers relevant results from different language areas. Thanks to specially trained AI models, INTERGATOR recognizes the similarity in content between terms in different languages without the need for manual translation. This allows you to switch seamlessly between German, English and other languages, ensuring that you don’t miss any important patents. This cross-language functionality expands your search horizon and enables you to gain more comprehensive and global insights.


Always keep track of relevant patents, patent classes and families. Our platform offers comprehensive monitoring functions that allow you to keep an eye on specific patents or entire classes and families. The integrated notification function automatically informs you as soon as there are changes or new entries that are relevant to your search. This proactive monitoring helps you to stay up to date and react quickly to new developments. Whether you want to monitor competitive activities, follow technological trends or identify potential cooperation partners – INTERGATOR helps you to stay informed in an efficient and targeted manner.

Chatten mit Patenten

With INTERGATOR Patent Search, you can now interact with patent specifications in a natural way. Our advanced technology allows you to ask questions in natural language and get relevant information directly from patent documents. This intuitive chat feature understands the context of your queries and provides precise answers without you having to formulate complicated search queries. Whether you’re looking for specific details about a patent or need an overview of related technologies, natural language chat makes searching more efficient and user-friendly. Discover a whole new way of interacting with patent data and experience how easily and quickly you can find the information you need.


Test INTERGATOR Patent Search for 14 days free of charge and without any obligation. Our offer gives you complete access to all the functions of our platform. Use this opportunity to convince yourself of the effectiveness and user-friendliness of our solution without any risk. Start your free trial today and discover the advantages of INTERGATOR Patent Search for yourself.


Immerse yourself in the world of innovative patent searches with our advanced AI technology. Find out how INTERGATOR Patent Search revolutionizes your search and discover the advantages of a fast, precise and comprehensive search. Watch our video and be inspired by the possibilities.

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Monitoring Assistant
INTERGATOR Patent Search provides an integrated monitoring research assistant that generates a complex search query based on input of relevant parameters. Advanced semantic analysis techniques automatically expand extracted concepts with related terms and synonyms to enhance the relevance of search results. This ensures comprehensive monitoring research, identifying potentially relevant patents and intellectual property rights that may not have been captured by the original search query.
INTERGATOR Patent Search FTO Search
Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) research is crucial for companies developing or launching new products. INTERGATOR Patent Search offers a powerful assistant that simplifies complex queries and precisely identifies relevant patents. Through semantic search and customizable geographic and technological parameters, you can proactively identify and minimize potential legal risks. Optimize your FTO strategy and safeguard your business interests with INTERGATOR Patent Search.
INTERGATOR Patent Search Novelty Search
On the homepage of INTERGATOR Patent Search, we select the novelty search assistant, guiding us through the entire process. Initially, we input a detailed description of our invention – in this case, a double-walled cannula made from nanomaterial, preventing adhesions and ensuring high sterility. INTERGATOR then searches for relevant patents, treating each concept as a separate filtering element and expanding them with semantically similar terms. This flexibility, coupled with additional filtering options like patent status, enables precise and comprehensive novelty searches. Utilizing the integrated patent preview, we can meticulously examine and efficiently evaluate search results.