INTERGATOR Patent Search Patent Viewer

Patent Viewer

The comprehensive and user-friendly view for patent documents

The Patent Viewer is an integrated view for individual patent documents that requires no additional software or plugins. It operates natively within INTERGATOR Patent Search and offers a variety of additional features that make your patent search and analysis more efficient and comprehensive.

Integrated view without additional software

Our Patent Viewer doesn’t require any additional software or plugins; it operates natively within the platform. This allows for a seamless and user-friendly experience, giving you immediate access to the desired patent documents without the need for additional installations.



The Patent Viewer offers a powerful search function within the patent documents. You can search for specific terms or topics and instantly get relevant results within the document. This makes it easier to conduct targeted analysis and find important information.

Chat with patent documents and summarize their contents.

With the Patent Viewer, you can directly chat with patent documents and have their contents summarized. Ask questions about specific sections and receive precise answers and summaries. This allows for an interactive and in-depth analysis of the documents.

Similar patents

The Patent Viewer displays similar patents based on a semantic search. This feature helps you identify related documents and conduct a more comprehensive analysis by considering similar technologies and developments.

Patents within the patent family

You can also view the patents within the patent family. This feature allows you to get an overview of all related patents and understand their developments and relationships.


The Patent Viewer displays all images, diagrams, and pictograms contained within the patent document. This visual representation aids in understanding complex technical details and relationships.

Highlighting of the findings

The Patent Viewer offers a highlighting feature that highlights the occurrences of your search terms within the patent document. This makes it easier for you to quickly identify and analyze relevant sections.