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With INTERGATOR Patent Search, you can chat naturally with patent documents. Our platform leverages modern Language Learning Models (LLMs) to process natural language queries and provide precise answers. This revolutionizes the way you conduct patent searches and extract relevant information.

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INTERGATOR Patent Search utilizes modern LLMs to process natural language questions. You can pose your queries in everyday language, and the AI provides precise and contextually relevant answers. This simplifies the research process and saves valuable time.

What specific advantages does polysulfone membrane offer?


Ask specific questions about patents and instantly receive relevant information and explanations. This allows for a deeper and interactive analysis of the patents.

The use of a sulfonated polysulfone membrane in this fuel cell offers several advantages. Firstly, it has high proton conductivity, which makes ion transport between the anode and cathode more efficient, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the fuel cell. Secondly, the membrane is chemically and thermally stable, increasing its suitability for use in demanding conditions.


The AI extracts the essential information from the located patents and presents it in an easily understandable form. This facilitates quick assessment and decision-making.

The membrane-electrode assembly consists of an anode, a cathode, and an intervening polymer electrolyte membrane. This membrane contains a sulfonated polysulfone polymer that efficiently conducts protons while simultaneously exhibiting low permeability to reactant gases such as oxygen and hydrogen. This minimizes the risk of crossover phenomena and enhances the performance of the fuel cell.

Chatting in the Patent Viewer

In the Patent Viewer, you can also chat with individual patent documents and request summaries. This feature enables a detailed analysis and a better understanding of the specific contents of each patent.

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INTERGATOR Patent Search Chat

Chatting with patent collections

Patents that have been grouped into lists can be loaded and then analyzed via chat. This feature allows you to examine a larger number of patents simultaneously and extract their essential contents.