Discover the comprehensive features of INTERGATOR Patent Search that will revolutionize your patent research and enhance your efficiency. Our platform offers a variety of specialized tools to help you complete your work faster and more accurately. Learn more about each feature in detail.

INTERGATOR Patent Search


INTERGATOR’s AI-based patent search leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the search for relevant patents more efficient and precise. Unlike traditional keyword-based methods, our AI understands the context and meaning of your search queries. This enables a semantic analysis of patent documents, significantly increasing the relevance of the results. By applying neural networks and complex algorithms, the AI can identify similar patents, even if they use different terminology.


INTERGATOR’s research assistants are specially designed tools that generate detailed and specific queries from just a few inputs. These assistants apply typical filters and optimize the inputs to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of patent research. Available assistants include novelty search, opposition search, freedom-to-operate analysis (FtO), and monitoring search. Each assistant is designed to address specific requirements and challenges of patent research.


INTERGATOR Patent Search offers a variety of list and storage functions that help you organize your patent searches in a structured and clear manner. With these features, you can save found patents and searches to use later as a basis for new research. Create custom lists to categorize your results and stay organized. These lists make it easier to quickly find relevant patents and make your work more efficient.


With INTERGATOR Patent Search, you can interact naturally with patent documents. Our platform uses advanced Language Learning Models (LLMs) to process natural language questions and provide precise answers. This innovative feature allows you to chat directly with patent documents and summarize their contents. Ask questions about specific sections and receive precise answers and explanations, deepening and accelerating your analysis.

Patent Viewer

The Patent Viewer is an integrated view for individual patent documents that requires no additional software or plugins. It works natively within the INTERGATOR Patent Search platform and offers a variety of additional features. These include a powerful search function within the patent documents, chatting with patent documents, and creating summaries. These features enable an in-depth and interactive analysis of the documents.