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A Freedom to Operate (FTO) search is a crucial investigation conducted by companies to ensure that their planned products, services, or technologies do not infringe upon existing third-party rights. This type of research aims to identify potential risks associated with the use of intellectual property such as patents, copyrights, or trademarks. Through thorough FTO research, companies can proactively identify possible legal issues and take measures to minimize or avoid these risks. In a dynamic business environment characterized by innovation and intense competition, FTO research has become an indispensable tool to ensure legal security and operational freedom.

The integrated Freedom-to-Operate search assistant

INTERGATOR Patent Search features an integrated Freedom-to-Operate search assistant designed to simplify complex queries and efficiently locate relevant patent documents. Using semantic search powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this assistant enables more precise and comprehensive analysis of intellectual property. Instead of relying solely on simple keyword searches, semantic search employs advanced algorithms to understand the meaning behind queries and deliver results that encompass relevant patents beyond exact search terms, including related concepts. This capability is crucial for early identification and assessment of potential risks associated with intellectual property use.

Start the FTO assistant from the homepage. A guided assistant will support you step-by-step in entering the relevant information.

INTERGATOR Patent Search

Initiate the search by entering either the number of an existing patent document or a text. When entering the number of a patent document, the platform automatically verifies if it is valid and provides basic information about it.

INTERGATOR Patent Search Freedom to Operate Recherche

In the next step, INTERGATOR Patent Search extracts the essential concepts from the entered patent document or text. These key concepts are automatically identified through the platform’s semantic analysis but can be reviewed, deselected, or supplemented with alternative concepts by the user. This functionality allows businesses to precisely tailor the relevance of extracted information and ensure that the FTO search is accurate and comprehensive, optimizing the assessment of potential legal risks.

INTERGATOR Patent Search Freedom to Operate Recherche

In the third step, INTERGATOR Patent Search allows users to select geographic target countries. By choosing these target countries, businesses can specifically investigate whether the identified patents or intellectual property rights are relevant in those markets, thereby mitigating potential risks to their Freedom-to-Operate (FTO). This step facilitates precise alignment of intellectual property utilization and marketing strategies with respective legal frameworks in different regions.

INTERGATOR Patent Search Freedom to Operate Recherche

In the final step of using INTERGATOR Patent Search, users can select the technology domain. This allows them to specify particular technology areas or fields that are relevant to their Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) research. By choosing the technology domain, businesses can further refine their search and ensure that the analyzed patents and intellectual property rights align with their targeted technologies and innovations.

INTERGATOR Patent Search Freedom to Operate Recherche

INTERGATOR Patent Search generates a complex search query based on the entered parameters with predefined filters. These filters can be edited by users afterward to further adjust and refine the search. This process allows companies to conduct a tailored Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) search that precisely fits their specific requirements and goals. By customizing the search query, users can ensure they gather all relevant information and thoroughly analyze potential legal risks before making crucial business decisions.

For example, INTERGATOR Patent Search automatically expands the extracted concepts with additional similar terms to enhance the relevance of search results. Utilizing advanced semantic analysis techniques, INTERGATOR includes related concepts and synonyms, not just the originally entered terms. This process ensures a comprehensive FTO search that identifies potentially relevant patents or intellectual property rights that may not have been directly captured by the initial search query.


INTERGATOR Patent Search provides a powerful solution for businesses to conduct Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) searches efficiently with its FTO research assistant. By enabling direct input of patent numbers and text analysis, companies can quickly extract relevant information and identify potential legal risks early on. The semantic search powered by artificial intelligence automatically expands extracted concepts with relevant terms, enhancing result accuracy and precision. Users benefit from flexible selection of geographic target countries and technology domains, allowing for tailored searches that consider specific market conditions. The ability to customize and refine search queries ensures comprehensive FTO analysis, safeguarding business interests and supporting innovation initiatives. Overall, INTERGATOR Patent Search offers valuable support for businesses looking to optimize market entry strategies and proactively manage legal risks.