Advantages of AI-based patent search

Learn how INTERGATOR Patent Search revolutionizes your patent search and helps you achieve more efficient and precise results. Our platform offers numerous benefits based on state-of-the-art technology and in-depth expertise.

INTERGATOR Patent Search seamlessly combines semantic and keyword-based patent research in a single, user-friendly interface. This allows you to perform precise keyword searches while also capturing the deeper context and meaning of patents. With this dual search capability, you get a more comprehensive and accurate representation of relevant patents.

While keyword-based search targets specific terms, semantic search recognizes thematic connections and provides results that are relevant even when different terminologies are used. This combination leads to improved search accuracy and reduces the effort involved in interpreting and linking search results. As a result, you can research more efficiently and effectively without having to switch between different search modes.

INTERGATOR Patent Search offers the ability to search patents across languages, regardless of the input language. This means you can conduct a search in your preferred language and still receive relevant results in other languages. The platform utilizes specially trained AI models that overcome language barriers and recognize semantic similarities between terms in different languages.

This feature is particularly valuable in a globalized research and innovation landscape where important patents are often published in different languages. With cross-language search, you can ensure that you don’t miss any relevant information, no matter the language it’s written in.

Another significant advantage of INTERGATOR Patent Search is the ability to avoid complex Boolean queries. Traditional patent searches often require detailed and complex search strategies to achieve relevant results. In contrast, INTERGATOR allows you to use natural language commands and simple search queries to obtain precise and relevant results.

The platform processes your inputs using advanced algorithms and delivers accurate matches without requiring you to deal with the intricate details of Boolean logic. This not only makes the search more accessible and user-friendly but also saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors when creating complex search queries.